I have done a couple of weddings at Nawaabs restaurant in Manchester and all of them have resulted in great events. This was the case with Kalyan & Lavanias wedding.

Kal & Lavania were married in Australia where Lavanias family live so tonight was a big party and get together for all Kalyans family in the UK. It was lovely to see Lavanias parents and close family had made the journey to be there.

I arrived at Nawaabs in plenty of time and started to take shots of the guests arriving, as I have done a few weddings at Nawaabs I was prepared for events to not run to time but the guests surprised everybody by turning up on time. A quick phonecall to Kal & Lavania and they were brought to the restaurant to greet their guests.

Me and the video man waited with baited breath, cameras trained on the red carpet for the big entrance … The music started ….. After a couple of shocked looks we both noticed that Kal & Lavania had bypassed the red carpet completely and were walking in down the other side of the room. Too late to restart things we all hurriedly relocated and got some shots of the happy couple making their big entrance.

Once again Nawaabs didn’t disappoint and the food was out of this world.

We managed to get all the family shots and even a group shot of all 250 guests at once. I was a bit worried about whether the stage had been tested to hold over 250 people. Thanks has to go to the video man as he helped get as many into position as we could.

After the food and the formal shots the music started and this is always where the fun starts. Its brilliant to see people let loose and have a good time and this is definitely what happened tonight. It was great to see everybody having a good time dancing the night away.

Luckily I was still concentrating well into the night at I noticed that Kal & Lavania had made a sneaky break for the door to make a quiet exit. I managed to head them off at the front door and got a couple of shots of them leaving.

Kal & Lavania it was a pleasure being invited to your wedding and was an honour to be part of your big day. You can tell from your friends and family how happy they are for you both and I hope you have a long and happy future together.

The girls having fun

Wedding Photography at Nawaabs

Kalyan & Lavania Voruganti

Dancing at Nawaabs

Nawaabs Resaurant Manchester


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