St Johns Baxenden was the setting for Liam & Kimberleys wedding on the 9th July.

We did pictures at home and then it was off to St Johns Church, Baxenden for the service. As I arrived at the church again I was greeted with an unusual sight, a page boy running around with no trousers on as one of the guests frantically tried to sew up his ripped pants before the service started. Never a dull moment as a wedding photographer.

The service went without a hitch and we again managed to dodge some very angry looking clouds and get the family pictures done. we all then set of to the Red Hall Hotel, Ramsbottom for the reception.

I hope you had a great evening and see you when you get back.

Wedding Photography in Baxenden

Bacon Butties in the morning - yum !!

Wedding Photographer in Baxenden

St Johns Church, Baxenden

Ramsbottom Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer, The Red Hall Ramsbottom

Fun Weddings in Baxenden

Liam & Kimberley Derbyshire

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