When Anthony & Lucy booked their wedding with me I was already booked for their day so Sue was to do their wedding pictures. What I didn’t know at the time was my wedding was so early that I was finished and was able to get over to Walshaw to help with most of their wedding pictures too.

St Osmunds Church, Breightmet was the setting for the wedding service and then a short drive to The Bolholt Hotel in Walshaw when most of the pictures were to be taken. Everybody was having a great time in the sun and this included Sadie & Alfie who never stopped for a moment. With 77 guests its nice that we can spend time and almost get to know everybody during the wedding day.

As we left the Bolholt Hotel the reception was in full swing and it looked like a good time was going to be had by all.

Have a great break and see you soon.

Bolton Wedding Photographer

Bolton Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer at The Bolholt Hotel, Bury

Bury Wedding Photographer

Lancashire Wedding Photographer

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