Stand Church was the setting for Chris & Louise’s wedding on the 25th September.  Stand Church is a stunning looking church and I was looking forward to using its huge arches etc. during the pictures. That’s was if we weren’t blown away by the wind first !!!

We managed to get all the family pictures and plenty of Chris & Louise at the church before we left to go to the Dunkenhalgh Hotel for the reception. The Dunkenhalgh is a stunning venue and gives loads of opportunities for photography.

Chris & Louise you both looked like you thoroughly enjoyed the day, and so did your guests.

Have a great time in Dubai & the Maldives and see you when you get back.

Fun pictures at the brides house

Wedding Photographer in Bury

Wedding Photography at Stand Church, Whitefield

Wedding Photography in Manchester

Stand Church Whitefield

Wedding Photography at The Dunkenhalgh Hotel

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Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time.

Simon & Donnas wedding was at St Mary’s Parish Church in Radcliffe, a church I do a couple of weddings at every year so not a place I would normally go and look at before a wedding. My son Jack was playing football at the park next to the church so i thought I would go and have a refresher. To my amazement I was greeted with something new – the church had been covered with scaffolding !!! All round the front door were metal barriers and big yellow signs saying “Danger of falling debris”

I was straight onto the phone to Donna and we concocted a new “Plan B”. Luckily the church has some nice gardens behind and in front so we were able to do all the pictures hiding the construction site !!

We were lucky and unlucky at the same time – we were unlucky that 2 pictures into the family groups the rain started, i made the decision that we would retire to the church so we all made a run for cover. As we got to the church the rain seemed to lessen so I made the quite unpopular choice to drag all the guests back into the drizzle to try and get the pictures we wanted. luckily the rain stopped and we completed all the pictures in the dry.

We all then went to The Red Hall in Ramsbottom, my 3rd wedding there in 2 weeks !! The venue looked superb as usual and the wedding breakfast room looked immaculate.

Good luck Simon & Donna and give me a bell when you get back from Antigua

Fun photography at the brides house in Bury

St Mary's Parish Church, Radcliffe

Wedding Photography at The Bolholt Hotel, Walshaw

Wedding Photography in Radcliffe

Wedding Photographer in Bury

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I have lived in Bury all my life and been a wedding photographer for over 10 years so you would think that I had photographed most churches in the area.  For years I have looked at Greenmount Church and wondered why I had never done a wedding there.  Thanks to Jonathon and Sheley this was about to change. The weather was great and the group of lads that greeted us at the Church set the scene for the rest of the day.  It was obvious that Jonathon and Sheley have a great bunch of friends and a really close family as everybody seemed to be having a fantastic time together.

We finished the pictures at the church and then me and the new Mr & Mrs Morris went to a park for a few quiet moments and to grab some more intimate pictures.  After we then went to The Red Hall Hotel in Ramsbottom which looked great in the September sunshine.  Their room for the wedding breakfast looked stunning and as I left I could tell that everybody was going to have a great evening together.

Good luck Jonathon & Sheley and see you when you get back from the lovely Maldives.

Fun at The Brides House

Wedding Photographer at Greenmount Church, Bury

Wedding Photographer in Bury

Greenmount Church

Wedding Photography in Bury

Wedding Photography at The Red Hall Hotel, Ramsbottom

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